Hypoventilation Syndrome

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Multiple disorders resulted as the failure in proper functioning of respiratory system are together termed as Hypoventilation Syndrome. This disease is also known as ‘pickwikian syndrome’. This condition is generally faced by over-weighted people. The reason behind is that they become unable to breath in the required rate due to slower metabolism. High concentration of carbon dioxide and low concentration of oxygen in the blood stream because of inability to breath continuously is the main cause of Hypoventilation Syndrome.

The main function of the respiratory system is to inhale a significant amount of oxygen from the outer environment and carry it into the internal organs of the whole body through the lungs. Similarly, carbon-di-oxide is carried towards the lungs through the blood vessels. It is expired out from the body through the respiratory system to maintain the gaseous balance of the body.

Carbon dioxide is considered as an excreted waste of the cellular metabolism and required to be expelled out from the body regularly. If the respiratory system fails to carry out the function of this inhalation and exhalation process even a bit, Hypoventilation Syndrome arises.

Usually, the respiratory disorder takes place while the person is sleeping. This happens due to the slower rate of respiration during sleep. The concentration of oxygen in the body gets low and gives rise to the condition of hypoxia. Hypoxia means lack of required oxygen in the body system.

The condition of increased pressure of carbon dioxide in alveoli of the lungs is known as hypercapnia while low amount of oxygen in the body than the required amount together gives rise to significant respiratory disorders called Hypoventilation Syndrome. The syndrome is affiliated with the increased level of carbon dioxide in blood stream. The main cause of the disorder is improper ventilation of the body as a consequence of insufficient breathing. Hypoventilation Syndrome can be characterized by the following symptoms :-

  • Snoring during sleep : This happens as a result of obstruction faced by the respiratory system in the passage of the movement of air.
  • Mediated and partial breaks during sleep in night : The reason behind this condition is deficiency of oxygen in the body.
  • Continuous long sleep during day time : Incomplete sleep in night is fulfilled in this way.
  • Drowsiness in the body due to increased level of carbon dioxide in the blood stream.
  • Severe headache : This condition takes place in morning due to low concentration of blood glucose.
  • Lack of energy and concentration because of cellular hypoxia.
  • Occasional chest pain : as a result of forced respiration in order to fulfill the oxygen required by the body.
  • Swelling in legs.
  • Condition of depression.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Enlargement of liver.
  • Multiple yawning.

Hypoventilation Syndrome is associated with the condition of hypoglycemia i.e. low concentration of glucose in blood. This problem takes place due to slow metabolic rate. Lack of oxygen in the cells reduces the metabolism of the body.

General treatments of Hypoventilation Syndrome include weight loss and artificial ventilation. Surgery for weight loss for reduction of excessive can be done in exclusive cases.